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14Nov, 2018

What Makes a Domestic Violence Charge “Aggravated” in NC?
Posted By: Schlosser & Pritchett

What Makes a Domestic Violence Charge "Aggravated" in NC?

Statistics show that 10 million people throughout the United States are abused by an intimate partner annually. Simply put, domestic violence, which also covers abuse between family members and roommates, is an epidemic.

Because of this, all kinds of laws Continue reading

05Nov, 2018

How Possessing Drugs Can Lead to a Trafficking Charge in NC
Posted By: Schlosser & Pritchett

The term “drug trafficking” conjures up images of hardened criminals and cartels, who make their living off of a life of crime. However, it’s common for individuals or small partnerships to face drug trafficking charges as well.

In fact, you Continue reading