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Federal prosecutors recently issued subpoenas for millions of North Carolina voter records – just weeks before the midterm. This is part of the Trump administration’s efforts to crack down on unauthorized voting by noncitizens, something that has been widely discredited.

Issuing such an extensive subpoena could overwhelm the staff and budgets of small counties, hampering efforts to prepare for the November election. Further, these subpoenas raise privacy concerns, as the ballots of absentee voters could easily be traced to the voters’ identities.

Historically, voter fraud has rarely been prosecuted, particularly cases involving individual [...]

Assault is a serious criminal offense that can be punishable by jail time and will leave offenders with a criminal record of violent crime.

In North Carolina, there are three general types of assault charges, including assault, assault and battery, and affray. Aggravating factors, such as the involvement of a weapon or causing the victim serious bodily injury, can lead to enhanced sentencing and penalties.

Below, we are going to review the different types of assault that are covered by North Carolina law, and the criminal penalties you could incur if convicted.



Halloween pranks and partying can be harmless fun. However, if your teen gets involved in the wrong kind of “fun,” he or she could be arrested. North Carolina law enforcement officials will be on the lookout this Halloween for criminal misbehavior, so it’s important to make sure your teen knows what’s okay and what isn’t.

In this post, we’re going to cover the most common pranks and activities that get North Carolina teens in trouble on Halloween, and what you can do to fight back if your teen gets arrested.


When a [...]

If you have been charged with DWI in North Carolina, there’s a surprisingly good chance that your blood or breath test results are inaccurate. If your test results aren’t correct, your case can be dismissed. Learn more about what you can do to fight your charges and show that the results are skewed.

Common Reasons for BAC Inaccuracies in North Carolina

There are many different reasons a blood or breath test can be wrong in a North Carolina DWI case. Making one or more of the following arguments could work to get your [...]