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25May, 2015

When You Suffer Personal Injury on Public Transportation
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When You Suffer Personal Injury on Public TransportationAmtrak train Carolinian No. 80 was making its way from Charlotte to New York when it slammed into a tractor trailer at an intersection in Halifax County. The driver of the truck had been struggling to make a left turn Continue reading “When You Suffer Personal Injury on Public Transportation”

18May, 2015

How North Carolina’s Sex Offender Registry Works
Posted By: Schlosser & Pritchett

How North Carolina's Sex Offender Registry Works

Click through the hundreds of photographs of sex offenders in the North Carolina online sex offender registry, and the effect is chilling.

The faces of men and women alike stare back at you, some of them older, many of them Continue reading “How North Carolina’s Sex Offender Registry Works”

11May, 2015

Understanding North Carolina’s Structured Sentencing Laws
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Understanding North Carolina's Structured Sentencing LawsNorth Carolina is one of the handful of states that uses structured sentencing—a method of sentencing and punishing criminals where courts look at the severity of the crime and any previous criminal record in order to decide on an Continue reading “Understanding North Carolina’s Structured Sentencing Laws”

05May, 2015

North Carolina’s “Good Samaritan” Law on Drug Overdoses
Posted By: Schlosser & Pritchett

North Carolina's Good Samaritan Law on Drug Overdoses

It is estimated that more than 1,100 people die from unintentional drug overdose every year in North Carolina alone. Nationwide, overdose deaths have exceeded car accidents as the principal cause of accidental fatalities.

Over the last decade, drug overdoses have Continue reading “North Carolina’s “Good Samaritan” Law on Drug Overdoses”